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Leather handles are seen on some hunting jacquard fabric and military knives. Leather handles are typically produced by stacking leather washers, as a sleeve surrounding another handle material. The fabrication of the leather handle consists of soaking leather washers in a solution than stacking them one on top of the other on a sleeve then compressing them together with a clamp and let to dry. This process preshrinks the leather so it will not shrink after the knife handle is completed. Once dry the clamp is removed then contact surfaces of the wet formed dry washer?s then need to have contact cement applied to contact surfaces. The contact cement takes just a few minutes to dry, they are then epoxied and stacked on the knife tang exactly how they were compressed the first time, clamped and let to dry. After drying the knife handle is then formed on a belt grinder. Great care is advised here. The grinder belt will eat leather like nothing else you have ever ground. A light touch is advised mattress fabric! The use of square leather washers is for a grinding index. It creates an index to keep the roundness of the handle in proper prospect. Finish the leather as desired, and apply a good sealer.

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